Serving our Customers
with Utmost Passion

Synergy Pharmaceutical P.L.C currently operates in its office at Gulele Sub-City where the head office is also located. Unlike many companies in our region and in our industry, our organization structure and the staff allocated in each department are not concepts that exist on paper only. We have sufficient and capable staff that can give high quality service to our customers.

The top organ in the organizational structure is the Managing Director who will be assisted by the four division Heads. These Divisions are Administration & Finance, Technical & operation, procurement & logistics and marketing & sales. The managing director is responsible to lead, organize and coordinate the overall operation of the project. The Administration and Finance handle the accounts and personal activity of the organization.

The Technical & operation Division will undertake the operation of the company. The Marketing Division will be responsible for the promotional works, product marketing and sales of the pharmaceutical & medical equipment. The organizational structure of the company is a feature as shown in the figure shows below.

We have helpful, knowledgeable management & technical team ready to answer any questions our clients may have. We spend a lot of money every year training and retraining our management team and staffs and technical sales professionals.

Million Synergy

Board Member & Chairman

Million Kebede

He has more than 10 year of pharmaceutical sector experience & is currently the Managing Director of Synergy Pharmaceutical & medical equipment. He has BSc in pharmacy from Jimma University

Amde Synergy

Technic & Operations Director

Mr. Amdemichael Meles

He has more than 7 year of pharmaceutical sector experience & is currently the Deputy chairman & Technic & Operation Director of Synergy Pharmaceutical & medical equipment. He has BSc in pharmacy From Mekelle University & MA in Marketing.

The company has 28 permanent workers including management & supervision personnel skilled workers. The summary profile of the company team presented as follows:

Profile of staff Number of employees
Board Members 5
Management team 3
Pharmacist 3
Sales team 4
Marketing team 2
Finance & admin team 4
IT team 2
Support staff (Guards, drivers, security, Cleaners etc.) 5
Total 28