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The procurement of medical systems in Ethiopia today remains very complex and cumbersome. Ethiopian medical directors and procurement department heads today have to surf the internet and make international phone calls just to get quotations. The company has simplified this process by having a highly trained and knowledgeable technical sales team capable of putting together professional offers.

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Expert Support Group

The number one complaint that most medical institutions in Ethiopia have is lack of support for the Quantification & purchase of medical supplies and pharmaceutical products. Synergy pharmaceutical PLC closely works with all our customers to develop systematic and easy procurement system.

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Dedicated Sales Representatives

Synergy Pharmaceutical P.L.C have highly motivated and well trained sales representatives with the ability to answer technical questions on the products.



Our company is committed to delivering systems in time and under budget.


Synergy Pharmaceutical P.L.C have standard warehouse based on EFDA of Ethiopia and distribution vans.

Distribution Van
Synergy Warehouse
Synergy Warehouse
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